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An in depth understanding of investments, complex trusts, life insurance and business interests is required to assure that assets are transferred to beneficiaries and charities in the most tax efficient manner possible. Because of our extensive experience with sophisticated estate planning, we have become trusted partners with our clients' estate planning attorneys, CPAs, trust officers and family office managers. Together we are able to design and coordinate advanced wealth transfer strategies to preserve and protect family wealth and businesses through future generations.

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  • Life Insurance

Underwriting Advocacy Process™

The tax advantaged nature of life insurance makes it a preferred legacy planning vehicle for the affluent. In determining the cost for an insurance policy, the only real opportunity to negotiate is during the underwriting phase. Knowing this, we assembled one of the nation's most well-respected and competent underwriting teams to proactively advocate on behalf of our clients to obtain favorable underwriting offers that effectively lower their cost of insurance.

Our Underwriting Advocacy Process™ begins by gathering and professionally evaluating our clients' exams and medical history prior to sending anything to the insurance company. By doing this, we are able to position our clients to obtain coverage on the most favorable terms. This process serves to protect our clients' insurability while respecting their privacy.

Once we receive the most competitive offers from the industry's leading carriers, we then analyze each offer against the design parameters of the insurance plan to determine an optimal solution.

For more information, download the Underwriting Advocacy Process™ brochure.